Saturday, 21 July 2012

Zurich, Switzerland 2


As promised, here is another post of Zurich. Like I mentioned in my previous post, food were really expensive at Switzerland. So as you can see from the pictures above, yes! Our all time favorite food place would be COOP, which is their supermarket! Prices there are quite reasonable compared to anywhere else. Like our breakfast cost us S$40 in total. So mostly our meals were from there. (Don't be surprise about it!) 

So on our second day, we decided to have picnic up on the hill top! Woke up early in the morning, headed down to COOP to grab our foods and took a train up 2856 feet to Uetliberg, which has the most amazing view of Zurich! Nevertheless, the view up was beautiful too! The hill was covered with greens and pretty houses too! Lovely! Totally worth the ride! 

Spent the whole morning at Uetliberg and Ringlikon, before we decided to head back to the town area for our boat tour at Lake Zurich. Cruising around Lake Zurich was pretty much a good experience for me. Though, the ride was pretty long and the heat was killing me but, I did enjoy myself on board! And of course, how can you not eat Sprungli when you are at Switzerland right! So we ordered a chocolate cake, ice cream and macaroons just to have a taste of it! And surprisingly, it was good! 

In the evening, we met our church friend, Beks who was at Zurich for a business trip! Totally last minute planning but, it was great seeing familiar faces in an unknown country. Best thing is, she has been to Zurich a few times, so she was more or less familiar to the place too! She brought us to this really pretty cafe called Conditorei Schober which served the best hot chocolate mocha! (Totally missing it right now) And for dinner, she treated us to this really expensive spanish restaurant called Emilio, which served super yummy roasted chicken that cost a bomb! (Feeling so bad about it but, thanks beks for the treats)

Alright, that's about it for my second day at Zurich, Switzerland!
Have a great weekends all you lovelies!