Tuesday, 29 November 2011

November favorites 2


Had another shopping spree at nastygal.com! You girls who love to shop should totally check their website out! They have plenty of pretty clothes in there and I always ended up adding items into my shopping cart every time I enter in there which makes my bank account goes really dry! And now I am tempted to get UNIF - Leopard Dream Maxi Dress & UNIF - Bouquet Kimono Jacket!!! Don't you guys think it is pretty? Anyway, the only bad thing about them is, they don't have free international shipping and just for my shipping itself cost me US$39! So the best way is to buy as much items instead of only one! :D

There again, their customer service is excellent! (two thumbs up) I ordered Jeffrey Campbell Lita in Taupe Suede but they ended up sending me Jeffrey Campbell Lita in Black Velvet. (as shown on the picture above) So I emailed them about my wrong order and without any problem, they immediately shipped over the correct pair and send me a UPS Returns Label Delivery! Which means, I wouldn't even need to pay upfront for the postage back to States! Totally love shopping at such websites, because you wouldn't need to be worried about your shopping items!

So anyway as seen in the pictures above and if you guys are interested in getting them. What I have actually gotten for myself was, Shine On Dress, UNIF - Teen Spirit Dress and Jeffrey Campbell Lita in Taupe Suede not in Black Velvet! Anyway, I ordered like another four pairs of shoes from solestruck.com too! So hopefully, they will all arrive at my doorstep at the same time and I will be able to do a post on my new lovely shoes! Last of all, have a great week ahead!

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Sugar sweet and everything nice


It is amazing to see how much The Pastry Chefs grew within one year! We may not have crazy orders coming in everyday but at least, we were from nothing to something people now knows about. Which is something really awesome to me! Just one year ago, all we did was endless christmas orders for our relatives and close friends but now we did workshops for shopping malls, weddings, parties, birthdays and all special occasions. So I guess, this is where all the fun begin. And be it, if we are growing bigger or if this is gonna be harder and much more tougher for us but at least, I know where this company stands in my life and I'm really proud of it of where it is today! Last of all, Happy 1st Birthday to The Pastry chefs!

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Sneak preview


Stay tune all you sweethearts out there!!! 
Here is just a small sneak preview of
The Pastry Chefs 1st birthday photo shoot, which will be coming up next!

Thursday, 24 November 2011

November favorites


(1) rings : online, aldo, topshop / (2)(3) necklaces : random shops in town / 
(4) leather shorts, lace tops, cropped blue top : forever21, online / (5) sweater : online / (6) red blazer : online

Monday, 21 November 2011

i love topshop


Needed some good retail therapy yesterday after a long week of my busy schedule! Had birthdays after birthdays, suppers after suppers, bakings after bakings and work after work! So I've decided that retail therapy would sound good at that very moment, and I ended up over at Topshop! And though, I set a budget for my spending but as usual, I ended up spending much more than what I expected too. Gotten 4 pairs of thick knee length socks for my winter trip next year, a pair of skinny jeans in navy blue and a green tote bag which I fell in love with at first sight within twenty minutes of my life in there. There again, I didn't expect myself to spent S$71 on just 4 pairs of socks but, I guess traveling in winter will make my money worth it (: Now, don't you girls wish for some real retail therapy too? Stay tune, more of my Novemeber's buys coming up soon!

Sunday, 20 November 2011



For this week order at The Pastry Chefs, We guys took a 3D Carousel order on a 1kg Chocolate Fudge base cake! Took us about 4nights to get everything done! From the making of the Carousel, to the horse and to the little tiny details of it. But for sure, it was definitely worth it to see the end results of the cake! Everyone who came into the kitchen, praise it immediately when they saw it! So here are a few pictures of the Carousel, that I wanna share it with you guys too! (: Anyway, do keep a look out on this space next week! As this coming week, gonna be another crazy week of baking in the kitchen! More treats coming in here!!!! Last of all, have a wonderful Sunday!

I fell in love with my best friend

Do you guys know who is Jason Chen? Because out of all my friends, none of them knows him! Only best friend and I knows who he is because, when I first introduced her to 童话 sang by Jason Chen and J Rice. We both went crazy deeply in love with him! From then on, we both started listening to his songs! And just yesterday, Best friend by Jason Chen is finally out after so long!!! So everyone reading this space should totally check him out on youtube too. It's seriously awesome and sugar sweet to my little heart! It's so good that I can actually keep playing it nonstop ever since it's out.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

tiny little treats


A tiny little treats of my room for you guys who are reading this space. 
It makes me happy looking at this pictures, so I hope it does the same to you guys too ♥♥

good old memories


Back in 2005, when we were sweet 16, our neo-prints were taken with style compared to most people out there!! I remembered this very day, up till now. It was my second last birthday which you celebrated with me, before we go on with our own life out there in this world. We didn't quarrel, We just fade off from each other. And maybe at times, I still do miss you.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

lut lut


Started my Friday morning/afternoon lazing around on my queen size bed till 4pm. Before I headed down to the mall for some Daiso shopping and Scrapbook shopping. Had a late evening road trip down to the other side: Johor Bahru! With cheap seafood dinner, dvd shopping, car wash, my virgin time having lut lut by the road side and seeing the boys dancing to take over control! Happy Friday!