Sunday, 16 October 2011


Recently, I don't understand what bestfriends means to some people. Like for one moment, they can tell you, "She's my best friend yet I hate her?" The other moment, they can tell you that the best friend that they hate is all awesome and what-so-ever shit. Like seriously, do they even know the definition of best friend? Or they just randomly pick someone up and give them the states of being their best friend? It's like telling someone, hey! there's my best friend but actually, all we see is someone that you hate? How hypocrite is that? Like no wonder, I see them with no friends or even someone that they could place their trust on. ohwells.

Back to my bestfriend, here is my bestfriend for 12years! She is 8hours away from me right now! We seldom see each other, we don't talk on the phone everyday, we don't get to meet each other up as often as we used to do, we can't even exchange hugs with each other like how normal best friends does! But, we know everything about each other! Whether in good times or bad, we both know we got each other and that's all it matters (:

Anyway, she made this special video and specially delicate a post for me on her website for my birthday this year! (: She's the sweetest person in this whole wide world! Even though, we are so far away from each other yet, it makes us treasure this friendship even more than before. It's amazing how she could actually comes out with different ideas each year just to surprise me for my birthday! Did i ever tell you this, she ever compose a song for me and put it on youtube. how sweet is that <3

So here's a shoutout to my bestfriend who is in Brisbane,
Thank you for everything and I love you always!

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