Friday, 11 November 2011

flower basket order


Accepted a last minute order last week with a pretty special yet simple customized cake design, four days before the order date. Usually, I don't take in orders one week before the order date as my customers would have to order their cakes at least two weeks back! That's because, I want to make sure every cakes/cupcakes that I out get praises from the customers that received them and it's nice to know that they love it too. I always love getting lovely comments from people who I do not know, that have tried my pastries compared to those who I know!! Because, what you really get from your customers are honest comments as they paid quite a bit for my pastries (:

But for this order, I knew I had to do it! It was for a fifty years old lady! Her daughter actually organized a birthday party for her at Demsey and ordered this customized cake from me! Every daughter wants the best for her beloved mummy! She even given me every single details about this cake and making sure that, I knew what she want from the cake! Which is really really awesome!

To be really honest, I like it when my customers have ideas on what they are looking for in their cakes/cupcakes because, it makes my job much easier!! And to meet their expectation is properly the best risk I ever love to take! I'm not a risk taker but, I love trying out new designs for my cakes/cupcakes! It makes me stress at the same time yet really excited to see the end products. Guess, that is the right motivation for all pastry chefs right? (:

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