Monday, 21 November 2011

i love topshop


Needed some good retail therapy yesterday after a long week of my busy schedule! Had birthdays after birthdays, suppers after suppers, bakings after bakings and work after work! So I've decided that retail therapy would sound good at that very moment, and I ended up over at Topshop! And though, I set a budget for my spending but as usual, I ended up spending much more than what I expected too. Gotten 4 pairs of thick knee length socks for my winter trip next year, a pair of skinny jeans in navy blue and a green tote bag which I fell in love with at first sight within twenty minutes of my life in there. There again, I didn't expect myself to spent S$71 on just 4 pairs of socks but, I guess traveling in winter will make my money worth it (: Now, don't you girls wish for some real retail therapy too? Stay tune, more of my Novemeber's buys coming up soon!


  1. wow $71 is a lot but they have good stuff..
    & That 's cute handbag..:)
    p.s I love their stuff

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    xoxo pon lee

  3. Very expensive socks ,but veru nice.Like this post .

  4. Like your blog I'm following you, please follow me back!