Sunday, 27 November 2011

Sugar sweet and everything nice


It is amazing to see how much The Pastry Chefs grew within one year! We may not have crazy orders coming in everyday but at least, we were from nothing to something people now knows about. Which is something really awesome to me! Just one year ago, all we did was endless christmas orders for our relatives and close friends but now we did workshops for shopping malls, weddings, parties, birthdays and all special occasions. So I guess, this is where all the fun begin. And be it, if we are growing bigger or if this is gonna be harder and much more tougher for us but at least, I know where this company stands in my life and I'm really proud of it of where it is today! Last of all, Happy 1st Birthday to The Pastry chefs!


  1. oh my gosh what you do's amaaaaazing! I love all this!!!!!! so cute and delicious! how have you learned to do this? wow!

  2. ohhh! so delicious and beautiful. I love everything :)

    Beijoos ;*

  3. Woww, I love these cupcakes!