Tuesday, 6 December 2011

50 is never too old


Here is one of my most colorful cupcakes order which I ever did in The Pastry Chefs! It is for a 50 year old lady, who loves to travel around the world, attending private parties and simply just enjoying her life! Like we all say, 50 is never too old for anything! So here is a total of 50 cupcakes that represents her and her life! I was having a hard time choosing the colors for this order as I didn't dare to take the risk but at the back of my head, I was thinking it is for an awesome party! There's must be some bright colors in there! So I decided on doing it colorful and bright which will be suitable for the party of her life! There again, don't you guys think that colorful cupcakes makes your day? (:


  1. This cupcakes are soooooo cute! Love them! :)

  2. Wooow this looks like it took a lot of time and hardwork! Amazing job! Every cupcake is different! Love the fabric bows you added too, looks like a big cupcake present =)

  3. Wow! You do love cupcakes girl!:)) Happy bright lil treats:)