Monday, 26 December 2011

who stole the cookies from the cookies jar?


This year for Christmas over at The Pastry Chefs, we baked some really good fresh delicious double chocolate chips cookies to die for! Honestly, it was too good that I actually finished one whole jar of it by myself within an hour! It tasted so much like Famous Amos cookies and that makes me smile like a retard because, I know it is perfect! Just to let you know, I am a big fan of Famous Amos but they are just too expensive for me to afford as my everyday snack!

Anyway, we tried out the recipe which we gotten from a friend over at London, change the recipe by a little to make it prefect, baked it once again, tasted it and it tasted like heaven and than we decided to add cookies jars into the Christmas order list! And you know what is amazing? It was selling like hot cakes over here at The Pastry Chefs! Like just within 5days, words spread and we did a total of 30jars of cookies! Guess my Christmas started off as perfect 


  1. looks so delicious yes!
    haha same as above

    newest follower here :)

  2. Such a great post dear! Love it :) Mind to follow each other? ^^

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  3. Oh wow! You baked those cookies? They make perfect give aways...
    You have a lovely blog...
    Come by my blog sometime and if you like we can follow each other...


  4. oh, it's sweet. ! :) Merry Christmas ! ;**

  5. wow i'm getting hungry right now.

  6. i also love baking cookies and put it in our jars :)
    thanks for dropping by... please don't hesitate to come back... i will be happy if we follow each other :)
    hope you're having a wonderful holidays!!!
    xoxo, Haus of Gala

  7. Passing to say hi to my best wishes for these dates as indicated
    and for the new year arrives that your wishes are met
    Happy New Year 2012!.
    A hug.

  8. Too cool! Those jars are adorable and the perfect little gift! Glad you sold so many :) Love the design of the tags. Such a cute little package!