Saturday, 18 August 2012

Zurich, Switzerland 3


Sorry for the lack of updating this space but finally here is another post of my Europe trip! It's our third day at Zurich, Switzerland, where we took the public train down to Lindt & Sprungli factory outlet. Seriously, what is Switzerland without Lindt & Sprungli right? 

Looking all happy and excited but to be honest, when we reached there. It was quite a disappointment! We couldn't even enter the factory due to hygiene purposes and was only allowed to the gifts stall! So if you guys were ever thinking of making a trip down, don't even bother wasting your time. 

Spending half the time traveling back and forth from the city area, we were only left with a few more hours before we needed to head down to the airport. So we decided to head up to Zurich University. And to be amazed, the view up there was beautiful. The University was over looking the whole city area! AMAZING! 

That's all for now! Good Saturday folks! Next up will be London. 


  1. wow,those pics are great!

  2. che meraviglia queste foto!! siete troppo carini!!!!

  3. cute pictures and awesome Nutella jars!!

  4. all that food looks AMAZING!!x

  5. fantastic pics <3<3

    Antonella di

  6. Such fun photos! I want one of those Nutellas!