Sunday, 30 October 2011

Halloween 2011


So celebrating Halloween this year was a pretty last minute idea for me and my friends, as a few of us were supposed to be at Bangkok for some real retail therapy for our dear wardrobe! But just two days before our trip, I've decided to postpone everything as the flood over at Bangkok freaks everyone out in Singapore. Fantastic!

So as news spread and everyone knows that I wasn't going for my trip, Bee suggested going to USS for Halloween night but sadly, tickets was sold out. So I suggested dressing up as angels instead. Everyone met at my place in the late afternoon and obviously, we guys took forever to dress up. Our wings was really beautiful but the feathers keeps dropping. It was hilarious. My room was filled with dropping feathers.

There again, this year Halloween didn't really feel like Halloween to be really honest. Guess, it's just Singapore! The only place where people dare to dress up in their costumes was at Clarke quay! Met hotdog, chili, lobster, ice-cream, wonder woman, the mahjong family, angry birds, baby devil and many others there. HAHAHA.

And to end this off,

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