Wednesday, 2 November 2011

gingerbread man

I have been stressing myself out with new designs for Christmas cake, Christmas cupcakes, gingerbread man and gingerbread house. I know, some of you guys thinks it's pretty too early for some Christmas ideas right now but, I guess that is not the case for me. Christmas will definitely be a really busy time for us at The Pastry chefs. Our Christmas photo shoot is next Saturday yet, we haven't even come out with anything. Not to forget, we still have orders coming in. hmmmm. 

Anyway, I've decided to bake some gingerbread man today! At the beginning, I really have no idea on what I wanna dress my gingerbread man as!! I wanted something plain and nice to look at, and suddenly the thought of Gingy came into my mind. Don't everyone love Gingy and  just can't get enough of him? It's sad that I could hardly even see anyone actually designing their gingerbread as Gingy. But I guess, that's a good thing for me because, I'm doing it now! :DD

If you guys have watched Shrek the movie, you guys would have known that Gingy isn't happy to be tortured by the evil Lord Farquaad and to be eaten up! But not too worry at all, this Gingy of mine love to eaten up in a good way. He love to bring smiles to those kids and people around him, and he just wanna make their little tummy feel loved on Christmas day!! 

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