Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Cupcake pops


Something much special compared to my clothes and heels came in my mail box this morning! It's my own CUPCAKE POPS MOULD which I ordered online three weeks ago from United States! Finally it arrived safely here in Singapore and I just can't help but say this, it's so adorable and it's in pink!! Alright, now that sentence just make me sound like a little girl who has just found her perfect barbie doll. ohwells.

Did you guys ever try making cupcake pops before? If you did, you would totally understand how difficult is it to make a cupcake pops compared to a normal round cake pops! I tried making cupcakes pops one year back using my pathetic small flower cutter to form a cupcake shape base out of it and it took me forever to just get it done. So I was pretty much excited when I first saw this selling on the website! Can't wait any longer now because, I can make the perfect cupcake pops! 


  1. Cuuuute! Cupcake pops are so fun to eat! Just pop 'em in! Cant wait to see how they turn out =)

  2. imma have to hunt one of these down... SO CUTE! xx