Friday, 16 December 2011

for a moment


I have been running a really tight schedule ever since last week. Even it shows in my ipad calendar for the month of december that every week is totally retarded. At times, I just wished to stop whatever I am doing, book a ticket and just go on a short getaway! I am definitely not complaining about those Christmas orders coming in but, I am tired! Like drop dead tired. And due to the stress level at work that I am handling right now, those endless baking every day and night and everything else that is happening isn't helping much too. You wouldn't even believe this, most texts I received in my phone are from my two bosses. Fantastic!

There again on a lighter note, Charlene and I went for a gelish pedicure session this week. It was my virgin time doing gelish introduced by her but, I am sure to say that I love it! Yes, we are getting all ready for Christmas this year! It is gonna be a really awesome Christmas, as we are doing something totally different this year with the group! I even bought for myself a few outfits just for Christmas, as I'm really bad when it comes on deciding what to wear. ohwells. You all have a great weekend ahead, while I sleep in my kitchen!

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