Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Belgium, Brussels 1




Another post of my Europe trip is up! I'm so proud of myself for doing another proper blog post. But that is because, I've received two emails from two fashion advertising company a few days ago, telling me that they will do free advertising of my blog on their website and facebook page! Yes, that totally gave me some motivation on updating dirty little secret right now. OPPS!

So here it is, fifth day of my Europe trip! Where I landed at Belgium, Brussels! If you are close to me, you would know my love for chocolates! Especially for milk chocolates and dark chocolates! This time round, going to Belgium was not a miss in our itinerary. And as everyone knows, Belgium is a country famous for their wellknown chocolates, all kinds of beers, yummy waffles, mussels and really awesome food!

To be honest, we literally eat non-stop when we were there. It was like having an awesome food orgasm in our mouth! There again, Brussels is a really beautiful small town. Captured really pretty pictures of the houses and buildings there. We will never ever be able to capture such beautiful moments in Asia countries especially, in Singapore.

Oh. One last thing before I end this post. If you are ever thinking of going to Belgium, don't forget to buy chocolates from Godiva! It is super affordable over there, that I ended up getting it as gifts for all my friends and love ones too.


  1. awesome pictures! :D both of you are cute :P