Monday, 18 March 2013

Belgium, Ghent


It has been a while all you lovelies! No, you are not forgotten and yes, I am back! Updating about my Europe trips once again. I will try to update as often as I could because, there are so many other happy memories which I personally wanna share it with you all! So hopefully, I could finish updating my never ending Europe moments and all those 2012 occasions as soon as possible and start with 2013!

Here is my 6th day post! We visited Ghent which is small little part of Belgium. We decided to make it a day trip instead because, Ghent was just a small town and we could finish it within a day! As you can see from the pictures above, it was a shopping trip for both Sarah and I. The both of us rushed into every single shops on the streets! Yes, it was our desperate time back then because, there wasn't any shopping areas at Brussels and we needed to shop badly! Thank goodness, at Ghent there were brands which we love like h&m, forever 21, new look and other brands too!

Of course, not forgetting those delicious food that we had! Like I mention in my previous post, Belgium is famous for really awesome food! Half the time, we were looking for food to eat and to settle our small little hungry tummies! Every part of Ghent was surrounded with pretty cafes, coffee houses and restaurants! Prices are pretty much reasonable there! That's why most of the time, we settled for coffee house and restaurants instead of take-away! It was definitely a good choice to stop over at Ghent for a day!

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