Thursday, 16 May 2013

Zermatt, Switzerland


Yes, we are finally back in Switzerland! And what's Switzerland without mountain and pretty nature right? So once we touched down at Zurich airport, we took a 3 hours train up to our next destination, which is Zermatt! We paid about S$400 each, just for our train ticket up! Please don't be surprise about the amount, it is actually normal to pay such an amount up to the mountain area in any part of Switzerland. So if you are planning to visit any mountain area in Switzerland, do prepare yourself such amount of money. Lesson learnt for me because, I didn't! So I was actually in total shock when I was at the casher!

Zermatt is a small little town surrounded with mountains and greens. We went there in July and that is during summer but, the weather was about 18degrees! It was actually perfect for us to move around compared to Zurich where the weather was really hot. So as you can see from the pictures above, Zermatt is a very clean town, even the air we breathe in was so much fresher and guess what, to prevent air-pollution, the whole town is car-zone free. All vehicles are battery driven. Pretty amazing right?