Monday, 13 May 2013

Gordon Ramsay in London


Whoever watched Hell kitchen, would definitely know who Gordon Ramsay is! I guess, everyone in this world would know who he is too anyway! He's the famous British celebrity chef, who is awarded 15 Michelin stars in total! Totally amazing! I've always looked up to him as one of my role model since, I am working in the f&b line too! In the past, whenever I watched his shows, I always wanted to try his food and yes, now i can finally say that... I did! (something to strike off from my bucket list once again)

There again, he opened a few restaurants in London and I was told that reservation had to be made a few months before hand. So obviously, being the excited kid here. Yes, I even made a reservation online three months before my trip! We settled for Gordon Ramsay at the Claridge's and it was simply an awesome experience for both Sarah and I. Service was excellent, food was amazingly awesome and we were selected and was even invited to do a kitchen tour! Tell me how lucky we girls were (!!!)

So if you guys are ever planning to make a trip down to London, or even staying in London and haven't been there before, please do! I would seriously die to go back there once again. Totally no regrets!

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  1. seems as a great time... awesome photos :D

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