Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Italy, Florence


Here is another post of my Europe Trip! It was a wonderful day spent in Italy, Florence. The only place which I spend the most money in, within my whole entire trip.  Before I even start on this post, I wanna fill you guys up with my mindset each time I enter Europe. Whenever I am in Europe, I will tell myself that I should get a few of my favorite luxury brands in shoes, wallet and bags! Because, the prices in Singapore are so much higher and it really breaks my heart whenever I need to pay more for my babies!

So as mentioned from above, YES! I literally went crazy in Prada Space. That place was amazingly huge and it was like heaven to me! I was in there for a good three hours straight, buying stuff for my friends and family and of course for myself! Gotten myself a new wallet (same design as my previous Prada wallet, just that it is in black this time round) and of course, not forgetting the two beautiful bags which I couldn't decide on and ended up getting both of it instead.

After burning a big whole in my pocket at Prada, it wasn't the end for me yet. Actually, that was just the beginning of the shopping spree! We headed back down to the city area and that is when, I finally gotten my hands on my dream flats from Salvatore Ferragamo! I always wanted to own a pair of it but, it was just too expensive for me to afford one and now, I finally gotten my own pair! What more can I ask for. Though, I was a broke kid at that time but I was definitely a happy one, walking out of the shop without having any regrets! I guess, that is what a holiday is called.

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