Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Italy, Rome


Finally, I am writing on my post on Italy, Rome! The place which I left my whole heart and feelings at. If you would to ask me where I would love most in this world right now? My answer would be Rome! I totally fell in love with the place once I touched down. Everything about that place was amazingly beautiful. I couldn't help it but, to be amazed with everything I came across with.

To me, Rome is a beautiful and romantic place to be in. It was almost perfect. Would definitely want to go back there again! And tell me, what's Italy without awesome pizza and gelato right! Yes, we did had a joyful time sharing our cups of gelato with each other, walking down those streets and enjoying the company of people around us in that beautiful city! I am definitely blessed to be able to travel to Europe once again but honestly, I am more thankful to be able to see that part of the world and be a part of them instead.

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