Sunday, 14 April 2013

Italy, Pisa


What is Italy without visiting the Pisa leaning tower at Pisa right? So yes! Of course, Pisa leaning tower was in our itinerary this time round but, we made it a one day trip instead, as there is nothing much to do at Pisa itself.

Pisa is a very small town and to be honest, it is pretty dangerous too! We nearly got picked pocketed while waiting for our bus to come and we even experienced a pick pocket that happen right in front of our own eyes. People there are pretty much sneaky and they are not friendly at all too. So be careful of your own belongings and people around you too! And for us to encounter such problems for the first time in a place where we don't belong to, teaches us all a very good lesson to always keep a look out for each other wherever you go. Like I said, it was pretty much a bad experience for me.

But thank goodness, at least I have been to Pisa and saw the Pisa leaning tower once in my life time. Probably this is gonna be my first and last time too, but at least, I was happy to be able to do the all time famous pose with the leaning tower! So here is something to strike off on my bucket list!


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