Monday, 6 May 2013

Italy, Rome


Here is another post of my favorite country which is Italy, Rome! Yes, if you had read my previous post on Rome. You should have known by now, it is currently my one and only favorite place in the world. But this time round, Sarah and I traveled to the Vatican City. 

The Vatican City is an independent state built in the city of Rome and it is also the smallest country in the world. And having tourists like us, our main reason was to visit St.Peter's Basilica located in the Vatican City. It is the largest cathedral in the world and it is designed by the great Michelangelo. 

Enough said, being there was an eye opener for the both of us. The whole place was magnificently beautiful. Somehow or another, once we stepped in there. We both felt like our whole body and mind was in peace. Naturally, I'm not someone who will appreciate such stuff but, this was a total different experience for me. For the first time, it was something which I seriously enjoyed, taking small foot steps and appreciating the beauty of it. Right now, the feelings I had still lingers within me. 

And in the afternoon, we travelled down to the Colosseo to see the Colosseum. Very popular hotspot within the tourists! Everywhere we go was mad crowded and we were running quite late for our flight back to London. So we didn't had the chance to step in there! But at least, we spent about 45minute walking outside of it and of course, to capture a few beautiful shots of it and I'm sharing it with you guys! 


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